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Subaru Sambar Dias – 09/18 arrival, please give us a week to check this out and prepare for sale.

More from Wikipedia …The fifth generation Sambar was introduced in 1990. Engine regulations for displacement size were increased and the Sambar’s engine was upgraded to 660 cc. For the 4WD version it sold as Subaru Dias Wagon as a permanent trim model. Commercials in Japan used Kuniko Yamada, a Japanese comedian.

The tradition of using the engine in Subaru’s kei car offering, the Subaru Vivio’s engine was shared in this version, the EN07. The engines piston amount increased to four cylinders and 55 PS (54 bhp) was available with an optional supercharger and intercooler package, coupled with fuel injection. An automatic transmission was offered in the form of Subaru’s ECVT system in tandem with full-time 4WD and a viscous coupling differential.

Daihatsu Midget II K100P in excellent condition inside and out. Equipped with a 660cc 3-cylinder engine and 4-speed transmission. Engine has been de-tuned for this application and Has AC which blows cold. Would make a very neat pit vehicle or have fun around your property. Or just buy for the novelty value.

More info

  • Midget Racing
  • SODO Moto Midget video


The Midget is a Lightweight Work Vehicle with a 660cc 3-cylinder engine de-rated from the factory from 55HP (in other applications) to 30HP in order to deliver low-speed torque and to suit the power requirements.

The Midget is a very innovative light delivery vehicle. Distinctive for having front-mounted spare tire and 2-doors but only one seat in normal configuration (optional jump seat available for some configurations). Popular car to modify for advertising or to suit owner’s distinctive taste. Intended primarily for use in industrial parks and other off-highway applications.

More info on [...]

1991 Mitsubishi dump-truck 4×4

Excellent little dump truck for many uses

1991 white Mitsubishi Minicab Dump Truck with air conditioning.  This little truck with it’s hydraulic lift and 4-speed transmission is an economical plant, farm, ranch or cabin vehicle.  With MPG between 40-45 it takes a lot of trips before heading back to the gas station. Priced at $5,250 (plus tax, title and license (Washington residents only).

We can also ship nationwide using a

licensed transporter (at your expense).

1990 Lancia Delta Integrale HF 16v Low mileage – 80k kilometers / 50k miles.

Engine: Starts right up and runs very well. Very minor modifications – front and rear strut-tower braces and Speedline wheels. Timing belt service done.

Driving: New Nitto tires in 205/50r15. Front brakes rebuilt with Goldline calipers; new pads and stainless lines. Will include rear pads and brake-lines with sale. Transmission / Clutch / Steering / Suspension feel like you’d expect from such a low-mile car. These cars are legendary for a reason – well balanced and drives beautifully.

Interior: Unusually nice shape – Alcantara Recaro seats show very little wear. Dash and door panels are very clean. Prior owner left the protective plastic on the rear door panels and rear floors! Minor shortcomings – glove-box door internal plastic frame has cracked – I have a spare in better condition which will be included in sale.

Exterior: Body and chassis is very [...]

July 27, 2017 Update

Micro Vans!

It has been a busy couple of weeks here at the shop what with getting new inventory at the shop and then selling like crazy.  I wanted to talk today about the little micro vans we have in the shop.  Using basically the same platform and engine (660cc) as the little trucks, these micro vans are really useful little vehicles and, with their covered cargo area, really nice for the Pacific Northwest during the rainy months.  We have two which we would consider more the cargo type of van and two which are thought of as family vans in Japan.  One of the cargo vans is a 1991 rear wheel drive Honda Acty.  This one is equipped with double sliding rear doors (as all micro vans have), four-speed transmission and a/c.  I consider this more of a “cargo” van since it has the vinyl interior and rubber floor mats so hauling things around is not [...]

1990 Toyota Liteace Limited Edition GLX Van – $7000

2.0 liter turbo-diesel, 5-speed, RWD
  • July 27, 2017
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Very nice Toyota Liteace Limited Edition GLX van CM30-0041290.  With its five-speed transmission and 2 liter turbo diesel engine it is not only a powerful, but also economical van.  A unique feature of this van is that the second row seats swivel 180 degrees and there is a folding jump seat so seating seven people is not a problem.  Also, the rear two rows of seats fold flat to form a full-sized bed for any camping excursion you might want to do.  Alloy wheels and two-tone paint with full carpeting and cloth interior make this a very nice family van for all occasions.  And, with an estimated 25 mpg you don’t have to worry about full economy.  Priced at $7000 plus tax, title and license (Washington residents only).  We work with licensed transport companies so getting this van to you would not be an issue (at your expense).

1991 Honda Acty micro-van

4-speed micro van with a/c

Need a small utility van with Honda reliability?  This 660cc rear-wheel drive vehicle could be just the thing for you.  The four speed transmission is perfect for around town or for a cabin or utility uses.  The back seat folds down and there is plenty of carrying capacity (with around 500 pound load limit).  And, with 40-45 mpg it will go a long distance between fill-ups.  Please note that with all micro vans, the Japanese did not put rear seat belts in any of them so using a micro van to transport small children is not recommended.

Will share more info once we have it in hand and have checked it out. More info from Wikipedia Honda Acty The second generation Acty was launched in March 1988 with the introduction of the Honda E05 engine, with an additional cylinder added, making it a 547 cc 3-cylinder with SOHC. The engine is rated 34 PS (25 kW) at 5500 rpm and [...]

1992 Daihatsu Atrai Kei Van

5-speed transmission, low mileage

This little rear-wheel drive Daihatsu micro-van is in really nice condition – perfect for the daily commute or weekend camping trips.  With it’s 660cc engine coupled with a five-speed transmission it is perfectly capable of highway speeds.  And, with only 105,000 kilometers (roughly 65,243 miles) it has plenty of life in it.  And, with the double sliding rear doors (with roll up windows) and a rear seat which folds up completely you have plenty of cargo space.  Please note that with all micro vans, the Japanese did not put rear seat belts in any of them so using a micro van to transport small children is not recommended.  Priced at $4950 plus tax, title and license (Washington residents only).

We also work with licensed transport services so we can ship this Atrai just about anywhere (at your expense).

1991 Toyota Liteace Truck with 350kg lift-gate

2 liter diesel with 5 speed column shift

A nice small cabover truck with Toyota reliability and ability to carry about 1-ton plus 350kg lift-gate. Perfect utility or farm/ranch/cabin vehicle that’s comfortable up to highway speeds (55-60pmh).  Five speed manual transmission (on the column) with RWD delivers 30 mpg under normal conditions and the ability to carry three (small) people in the cabin.  With only 73,000 kilometers (roughly 43,000 miles) this truck has a lot of life left in it. Priced at $5950 plus tax, title and license (Washington residents only).

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