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For the first blog post I wanted to introduce everyone to our team.  Adam, the owner of AdamsGarage/SODO Motorworks has had a passion for cars and motorcycles for a long time and travels to Japan three times a year to scope out interesting and unique vehicles for importation.  Asael (originally from Brazil and one of the partners), has 20 years of freight experience and, me, Keith, well . . . my first car at age 16 was a Kei car (a 1971 Honda 600 Sedan – a two cylinder car that Honda imported before the Civic).  Although we all come from different backgrounds we share a common belief that all vehicles are not created equally.  We want the business to be a place where people can come (either in person or via the Internet) and talk cars or motorcycles and feel part of a family.  Let’s face it – if you’ve found our site you’re [...]

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