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AdamsGarage / SODO Moto may be able to help with your foreign title work for importers who are out_of_state dealers – or for easier private-party registration in other states.

Price is inclusive of title application fees and customary supporting paperwork. Typically original title is received from WA DOL 5-6 weeks after submission.

Please review your import paperwork (broker should supply) and ensure you have ALL OF THE DOCUMENTS BELOW.

Once you’ve confirmed, contact us via email (sales@adamsgarage.com) and we’ll work up a title application and necessary supporting documents & share next-steps.

  • Foreign title – original (or deregistration or other valid ownership document)
  • English translation of title doc if orig. in foreign language – ‘official translation’
  • 7501 – US Customs formal entry. Generally stamped RELEASED and should contain all the following
    • year
    • make
    • model
    • VIN
    • invoice # and/or value (if foreign conversion – show your work)
    • HTC (ex. 8703.21 – passenger vehicle <1000cc)
  • HS7 (NHTSA) check-box 1 (over 25 years)
  • 3520-1 – EPA checkbox E (over 21 years old and exempt)
  • Invoice for valuation
  • WA Title Application – we will help you complete (requires orig. signature)
  • Out-of-State Delivery of Motor Vehicles – we will help you complete (requires orig. signature)

If you DO NOT HAVE ALL THE DOCUMENTS ABOVE – you will need to pursue other options.

  1. WA – title in doubt / bonded title
  2. http://cartitles.com
  3. Use your favorite search engine for ‘no car title how to get one‘.
Price: $450
Shipment: In Stock

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