Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some resources for finding parts that will be helpful. Also worth checking out crankshaftculture: how-to-find-parts-for-jdm-vehicles/. If you still have questions, please drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.
  • http://megazip.net/  
  • helpful online parts-book 
  • some delay for internal-Japan order consolidation
  • shipping more costly than average

Coombs Country Auto

Delica USA 
Jesse Streeter Corporation 
Right Drive Parts
eBay (Sambar example)
Buyee – Japan
Yokohama Motors
  • http://yokohamamotors.net/
  • quality OEM parts
  • price somewhat higher than other options
  • fast shipping if in-stock – otherwise delay for inner-Japan order
JDM Windshields
  • JustJapaneseGlass
  • Marty in Richmond, BC is a great resource. Especially for Delica owners.
Toyota Parts Cross-reference

Kei Truck Parts – USA 

Minitruck Garage
Minitrucks USA
Rocky Mountain Imports
FG Procurements
Buckeye Minitrucks
Japan Mini Truck Parts
Minitruck Talk tread on parts


Many of our vehicles come with factory owner’s manuals in Japanese and there are many great resources online. For starters, use the live-camera option within the translate.google.com application for real-time translation.



Parts Books

Megazip.net OEM Parts Catalogue

Yokohama Motors


Service Manuals

Suzuki Carry  – service manual

Honda – factory manuals FREE (Japanese) ex. 1992 Acty

– Honda Car (choose_your_model)

– Honda Motorcycle (choose_your_model)

SuperMinitrucks Service Manuals

English Service Manuals for most mini-trucks by James Danko. Buy it.

Mitsubishi Minicab (Mighty Mits)

Yes, our vehicles are imported under the Federal rules that exempt vehicles over 25 years permitting free entry into the USA. There are similar EPA exemptions for vehicles over 21 years old. Most states place no restrictions on these older vehicles and our vehicles are licensed and street-legal in Washington state.

Some states have restricted mini-trucks due to the legal importation of speed-restricted Kei trucks having been imported as off-road vehicles. In order to minimize the discrepancy between Federal rules for these <25 year old vehicles and their own state laws, they have restricted licensing for mini-trucks,

If out-of-state, please contact your local DOL regarding any legal restrictions. Here is a good write-up on Grey Market import licensing from Illinois Secretary of State.

It will seem strange for the first few minutes, but you’ll get used to it quickly :]

The turn-signal and windshield wiper stalks are reversed – so you may find yourself activating the wipers for a right-hand turn until you’re used to it.

The only downside we found is that it tends to attract a lot of attention. Be prepared to field a lot of questions from passersby :]

That and parking garages with ticket-booths.

Because our cars are 25 years or older, they don’t have to be tested for emissions in Washington and most other states. If you’re from out-of-state, be sure to check with your local DOL.
We have found that most insurance companies will insure these vehicles but it’s generalyl best to reach out to a local agent or call in and as for an underwriter to help with the quote.

Collector car and pleasure use rates at Hagerty are very reasonable and have the benefit of being for an agreed-value. If you store in a garage, check out their competitive rates.

While we don’t offer in-house financing, many customers finance through their credit union or Lightstream.com . We are happy to supply information required to make the financing process quick and simple.
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