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Unique 4WD 5-speed Kei-van. Overall good inside and presentable exterior. Runs and drives well however pending new rear wheel bearing and general inspection / check-up.

1992 Mazda Familia GTAe (GTR rally)

WRC rally homologation GTR BG8Z

Mazda Familia / 323 GTAe BG8Z – limited production (300 units) WRC homologation version of GTR . Appears to have been a street car its whole life and in good condition with only a couple minor dings and scratches and typical wear on the driver’s seat bolster. Recent transmission R&R to to replace bad output shaft seal/bearing. Back on the road. Runs and drives great with good steering, great brakes and working AC.  Washington title – ready for new owner.

More info from Wikipedia …the JDM GTX model featured four-wheel drive, viscous limited slip differentials and a turbocharged 1.8 L BP engine. In the U.S. the Protegé came with a 1.8 L SOHC non-turbocharged engine, along with 4WD. The JDM GT-R rally homologation version was added in 1992, featuring a number of enhancements over the GTX model: an aggressive front bumper, grill and bonnet vents, updated rear bumper, wheel flares, stiffer suspension and anti-roll bars with thicker [...]

1993 Lancia Thema 2.0 Turbo

FWD 5-speed - low miles

Lancia Thema – it’s very nice. 2 liter 16v turbo shares with the Delta Integrale mates to a 5-speed manual and FWD. Similar to the alfa Romeo 164 and Saab 9000 but with Lancia’s more of an engineerers take on the family sport-saloon.

Vintage Honda Acty kei-truck with 4WD and 5-speed manual transmission. Runs and drives great – cool vintage look and lots of utility in a compact package.

More info from Wikipedia – the Acty range is designed to be economical, agile work vehicles, and generally lack luxury options, although air conditioning and power steering are available along with various trim, decoration, and customization options. The first generation was produced from 1977 to 1988 (model series TA, TB, TC, VD, VH), the second generation’s years were 1988-1999 (model series HA1, HA2, HH1, HH2 with the E05A engine; HA3, HA4, HA5, HH3, HH4 with the EN07A engine – the Street continued in production until 2011) and the third generation’s years were 1999-2009 (model series HA6, HA7, HH5, HH6 with E07Z engine) with the van still in production. The fourth generation was introduced, as a truck only, at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show in 2009 on December 17, showing [...]

Newly imported Kei Firetruck from Japan. Only 3000 miles! Comes with working siren, lights, and even a large bell. Interior is in excellent condition, but the paint in the rear bed shows some wear.

1985 Suzuki Mighty Boy

550cc turbocharged and intercooled - Hakosuka

This Mighty Boy is a Coupé Utility / mini-ute / pickup-truck modified in the style of the Hakosuka Skyline. It’s obvious this was a very clean car before being modified and the execution of the work is nicely done. The interior is out of the first generation Alto Works – it’s got the looks and a lot more power under the hood thanks to the Alto Works F5B 550cc DOHC turbocharged and intercooled engine 75HP (est.) never felt so fast!

Really in nice shape and very fun to drive. If you’ve admired the Mighty Boy and you fit, you should definitely come check it out!

More info from Wikipedia – The Suzuki Mighty Boy is an automobile which was produced by Japanese automaker Suzuki from 1983 to 1988. It was the only “bonnet type” pick up (or coupé utility) ever sold in the 550 cc era of the Kei class. It was classified as a commercial vehicle [...]

1987 Toyota Blizzard 4×4 diesel

2.4 liter diesel 5-speed - mini Landcruiser Prado
  1. Neat Toyota Blizzard – a scaled-down Landcruser Prado with the excellent 2.4 liter 2L diesel for ~30 mpg. Economy, durability and performance in a very useable package.

We work with licensed transport companies so getting this van to you would not be an issue (at your expense).

Neat Toyota HiAce double-cab fire-truck with only 12k original miles. Toyota built their reputation on durable simplicity and the 1990’s was a high-point for simplicity and quality. This LH85 has the durable and efficient 2L non-turbo 2.4 liter diesel with 5-speed and high/low range. Essentially the same drivetrain as in the Toyota Hilux pickup and Landcruiser Prado.

Cruises comfortably at 65 MPH and great utility with 3-abreast seating and double-cab body – space for 6 or fold up the rear seat and you have room for tons of gear. Similar configuration to a Vanagon Doka Syncro 16″. Ready for your personal touches – camping / ski-bus / road-trips or your commuting and hauling needs.

minor issue: the nylon molded step for the driver to climb into the cab has cracked and now flexes. Some simple metal-work could be added to strengthen but I am looking for an original replacement.

1990 Toyota Landcruiser PZJ70V

3.5 liter 1PZ diesel with 5-speed

Neat Toyota Landcruser PZJ70V with the excellent 1-PZ 3.5 liter naturally aspirated diesel and 5-speed manual transmission. Runs and drives very well and looks good inside and out.


  • tires are due for replacement
  • timing belt is due for replacement
  • isolated rust where a roof-rack was mounted (near gutter – back 1/2 of drivers side).

Priced to reflect the shortcomings above and can discuss addressing prior to delivery. Lots of utility for a fair price.

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