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1988 Lancia Delta HF Integrale 8v

8 valve all-wheel drive

The dream car of many Gran Turismo fans, the much coveted and sought after Lancia Delta Integrale is finally able to come to the States.  Gutted for racing, this beast is ready for a weekend at the tracks. The driver’s seat is a vintage Sparco racing seat.  Eight-valve two liter engine, five-speed transmission, full-time all-wheel drive and vintage OZ racing rims – this is one fast car!  Street legal, but better suited for the tracks.  $10,500 plus tax, title and license (Washington residents only).  Also available (pictures to be posted soon) a very nice 1990 16v Integrale.  This one is a comfortable (full interior) car – suited for street use along with the weekend track day.

One of the nicest driving vehicles on our lot, this little Mitsubishi Minica Dangan is an excellent choice for around town driving (although it is fully capable of highway speeds).  The Minica is the longest produced Kei car in Japanese history having been in continual production since 1964.  Three cylinder, 660cc engine, automatic transmission, power steering and windows (tinted rear windows), air conditioning and full-time all-wheel drive.  With only 88,000 kilometers (54,680 miles) and with it’s hatchback design and split folding down rear seats this little Kei car has a lot of functionality and with it’s 35-40 mpg, well you’ll be passing a lot gas stations.  It has been serviced and inspected by a Seattle area licensed mechanic’s shop.  Priced at $4950 plus tax, title and licensing (Washington residents only).  Are you out-of-state?  No worries we have shipped our vehicles and motorcycles throughout the country using an independent and licensed transport service or we can [...]

July 10, 2017

Grand Opening Saturday the July, 15th!

As you guys may have seen we will be having our Grand Opening this Saturday, July 15th.  We hope all new and former customers will come and help us celebrate.  We will be closed either Wednesday or Thursday of this week to pick up quite few new vehicles from the port.  Coming we will be having several little micro vans and trucks, a Nissan Pao, three Mitsubishi Delica’s, a four-door diesel Mitsubishi Pajero, a Toyota Townace, a Daihatsu Midget – well, that’s just to name a few.

Starting any new business will have its trials and tribulations – and a few hiccups along the way.  I hope you’ve all noticed that we are now getting the inventory posted (with pics).  We need to hire a little five year-old to come in and run our website!  LOL!  But, we are now hitting our grove and are excited about all of the new inventory.  We plan on [...]

For the first blog post I wanted to introduce everyone to our team.  Adam, the owner of AdamsGarage/SODO Motorworks has had a passion for cars and motorcycles for a long time and travels to Japan three times a year to scope out interesting and unique vehicles for importation.  Asael (originally from Brazil and one of the partners), has 20 years of freight experience and, me, Keith, well . . . my first car at age 16 was a Kei car (a 1971 Honda 600 Sedan – a two cylinder car that Honda imported before the Civic).  Although we all come from different backgrounds we share a common belief that all vehicles are not created equally.  We want the business to be a place where people can come (either in person or via the Internet) and talk cars or motorcycles and feel part of a family.  Let’s face it – if you’ve found our site you’re [...]

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