Despite a high chance of rain, our friends and clients came out for a fun afternoon here at SODO-Moto. From Kei Vans to Autozams, the variety of cars and owners was something to see. After hanging out at the shop and enjoying some coffee and pastries, we embarked on a cruise to Alki Beach.

Although the days are getting shorter, and the temperatures colder, we hope to have more events like this in the future. Stay posted and check out Facebook page for updates!


September 13, 2017 – Update

New Arrivals and a little catching up

Well, it certainly has been a busy few weeks here at the shop!  The first thing to let people know is that our good friend Asael no longer works here. We will miss his smiling face and wish him luck in his new endeavors.  We have a couple of new people here (both customers of the shop) who are working with us now.  Brent (AZ-1 owner) brings with him a great deal of experience working on vehicles and computer knowledge and Felix (a Subaru Sambar owner) who may lack experience (he is only 20), but brings with him an enthusiasm that only someone his age can bring.

A few weeks ago we received a new shipment from Japan and within a few days we sold seven of the seventeen which had arrived.  We still have a couple of really nice Suzuki micro trucks (all with four-wheel drive and one with both differential and axel lock [...]

Lots of new items coming in early the week of 08/21/2017 on the GREENWICH BRIDGE V.099E –  Will be a few days before we get the container cleared and unloaded but look forward to having these in-hand.

Renault 5 Turbo2

HighAce fire truck

Lancia Delta HF Integrale


Morgan Plus 8 and 2 x Nissan Saurus sailing this week

GUANG DONG BRIDGE 019e - Nagoya 08/23/2017 -> Tacoma 09/02/2017

Happy to receive a report from our vanning agent that the two Nissan Saurus and the Morgan plus 8 are loaded and ready to sail 08/23 on the GUANG DONG BRIDGE 019E. This shipment include some other odds and ends picked up on recent trips to Japan – track-tires for Mazda AZ1 / AZ1 KYB shocks / Williams International gas-turbine engine / Honda HA3 – Acty van parts… Should arrive in Tacoma first week in September.

Nissan Saurus 1000cc

Nissan Suarus CA16 1600cc

Morgan Plus 8


July 27, 2017 Update

Micro Vans!

It has been a busy couple of weeks here at the shop what with getting new inventory at the shop and then selling like crazy.  I wanted to talk today about the little micro vans we have in the shop.  Using basically the same platform and engine (660cc) as the little trucks, these micro vans are really useful little vehicles and, with their covered cargo area, really nice for the Pacific Northwest during the rainy months.  We have two which we would consider more the cargo type of van and two which are thought of as family vans in Japan.  One of the cargo vans is a 1991 rear wheel drive Honda Acty.  This one is equipped with double sliding rear doors (as all micro vans have), four-speed transmission and a/c.  I consider this more of a “cargo” van since it has the vinyl interior and rubber floor mats so hauling things around is not [...]

Well, it was a busy couple of days what with getting 15 new vehicles in from the port and getting everything ready for our Grand Opening last Saturday.  I would like to thank everyone who came out to support us – good to see old friends and we made a bunch of new ones, too which is always great.

I’ll be posting pics of all of the vehicles we have in inventory and will be updating the vehicles we sold so please keep checking back.  And, again, call or come by anytime you like!


July 10, 2017

Grand Opening Saturday the July, 15th!

As you guys may have seen we will be having our Grand Opening this Saturday, July 15th.  We hope all new and former customers will come and help us celebrate.  We will be closed either Wednesday or Thursday of this week to pick up quite few new vehicles from the port.  Coming we will be having several little micro vans and trucks, a Nissan Pao, three Mitsubishi Delica’s, a four-door diesel Mitsubishi Pajero, a Toyota Townace, a Daihatsu Midget – well, that’s just to name a few.

Starting any new business will have its trials and tribulations – and a few hiccups along the way.  I hope you’ve all noticed that we are now getting the inventory posted (with pics).  We need to hire a little five year-old to come in and run our website!  LOL!  But, we are now hitting our grove and are excited about all of the new inventory.  We plan on [...]

For the first blog post I wanted to introduce everyone to our team.  Adam, the owner of AdamsGarage/SODO Motorworks has had a passion for cars and motorcycles for a long time and travels to Japan three times a year to scope out interesting and unique vehicles for importation.  Asael (originally from Brazil and one of the partners), has 20 years of freight experience and, me, Keith, well . . . my first car at age 16 was a Kei car (a 1971 Honda 600 Sedan – a two cylinder car that Honda imported before the Civic).  Although we all come from different backgrounds we share a common belief that all vehicles are not created equally.  We want the business to be a place where people can come (either in person or via the Internet) and talk cars or motorcycles and feel part of a family.  Let’s face it – if you’ve found our site you’re [...]

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