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Morgan Plus 8 and 2 x Nissan Saurus sailing this week

GUANG DONG BRIDGE 019e - Nagoya 08/23/2017 -> Tacoma 09/02/2017

Happy to receive a report from our vanning agent that the two Nissan Saurus and the Morgan plus 8 are loaded and ready to sail 08/23 on the GUANG DONG BRIDGE 019E. This shipment include some other odds and ends picked up on recent trips to Japan – track-tires for Mazda AZ1 / AZ1 KYB shocks / Williams International gas-turbine engine / Honda HA3 – Acty van parts… Should arrive in Tacoma first week in September.

Nissan Saurus 1000cc

Nissan Suarus CA16 1600cc

Morgan Plus 8

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