July 10, 2017

Grand Opening Saturday the July, 15th!

As you guys may have seen we will be having our Grand Opening this Saturday, July 15th.  We hope all new and former customers will come and help us celebrate.  We will be closed either Wednesday or Thursday of this week to pick up quite few new vehicles from the port.  Coming we will be having several little micro vans and trucks, a Nissan Pao, three Mitsubishi Delica’s, a four-door diesel Mitsubishi Pajero, a Toyota Townace, a Daihatsu Midget – well, that’s just to name a few.

Starting any new business will have its trials and tribulations – and a few hiccups along the way.  I hope you’ve all noticed that we are now getting the inventory posted (with pics).  We need to hire a little five year-old to come in and run our website!  LOL!  But, we are now hitting our grove and are excited about all of the new inventory.  We plan on attending car shows in the city and also creating some of our own events.  We have furnished our office area now and we encourage people to come in take a look at some of the unique Japanese car magazines we have on our coffee table.

We’ve put a lot of long hours into the shop to fine-tune it and make it a place where we are not only yet another dealership in town, but a place where people will feel comfortable about their purchases and can feel like we’re all part of the same community.  Well, actually we are!  We are all a group of people who like unique little vehicles.  If you’ve been coming to our website you’re just the type of people we want to meet.

Hope to see you on Saturday!


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