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For the first blog post I wanted to introduce everyone to our team.  Adam, the owner of AdamsGarage/SODO Motorworks has had a passion for cars and motorcycles for a long time and travels to Japan three times a year to scope out interesting and unique vehicles for importation.  Asael (originally from Brazil and one of the partners), has 20 years of freight experience and, me, Keith, well . . . my first car at age 16 was a Kei car (a 1971 Honda 600 Sedan – a two cylinder car that Honda imported before the Civic).  Although we all come from different backgrounds we share a common belief that all vehicles are not created equally.  We want the business to be a place where people can come (either in person or via the Internet) and talk cars or motorcycles and feel part of a family.  Let’s face it – if you’ve found our site you’re not the average car buying person.

What do we import from Japan?  Well, you tell us what you’re looking for.  Is it a Kei car, truck, or van?  Is it a Lancia Delta Integrale, Porsche or Mercedes?  Is it a a motorcycle like a Ducati Desmo 750 (yes we have one)?  Let us know what you want and we’ll do our best to find that specific car or motorcycle you’ve been lusting after.  I”m a scooter guy myself so I’m hoping to convince Adam that an old Honda Cub or Honda Dream would be perfect for the shop.  I’ll keep you posted to let you know if I can make that happen.

All of our cars, trucks, vans or motorcycles are street legal and are 25 years of age or older.  In the U.S. anything that was not officially imported here must be 25 years or older to be brought in.  So, anything we have is a 1992 year model or older, and all of our vehicles have been mechanically checked out and are low mileage.  Yes, you may have seen newer models in gated communities or plants, but those models are for off-street use only and are limited to 30 mph.  Once they reach 25 years of age they can be registered for street use (we do recommend that each person check with their local DOL as each state has different regulations).  Some of our trucks hum along nicely all day long at 40-45 mph while other vehicles can reach speeds of 60-65 – it all depends on gearing, etc.  While our little trucks and vans may look like toys, remember that in Japan these vehicles are put to work each day and have a carrying capacity of 350 kg (roughly 700 pounds).  Need a flatbed?  Simply put the sides down on the truck (or completely take them off) and you’re set to go.  Need a vehicle that will take you up the mountains in the snow?  We have a customer who bought a Mitsubishi MiniCab from us and put trax on it and does this job throughout the year.  Need a fun little sporty car that will get you a lot of looks?  A Mazda AZ-1, a Honda Beat or a Nissan Figaro will do that and more.  All of our vehicles come with a clear Washington title.  If you live out of state, but see a vehicle you want, we have a PayPal account so your purchase can be worry free.

I get questions each day about parts availability and service.  With the Internet parts are easy and, since these vehicles have been available in Canada for the last 10 years there are many shops there and in Washington set up so that you can get parts overnight.  Simple things like spark plugs, wires, belts, oil filters, etc. can be found at NAPA or other parts places.  We also have a mechanic here who is available to work on your vehicle.  We are also offering a service for $150 where once a year you can bring in your vehicle for a full tune-up, oil change and check over.  We want to make your purchase as simple and easy as possible, but most of all we want you to enjoy your vehicle for years to come.

We can be found here and on FB (at SODO-Moto) and in the coming weeks we plan to completely update this site with pictures of all of our inventory and what we will be getting in the future.  We also plan to start a YouTube channel, and an Instagram and Twitter account.  Please bear with us as we start this process as some of us are of the age where websites, etc. are a little new to us.  What we need is a 6 year-old who could probably set all of this up in 30 minutes!

Each week I will post a new blog (or video blog).  These blogs will vary in content.  What would you like to see?  Videos or blogs about our new inventory?  Mechanical or parts information?  Let me know what is the most important for you and we’ll be sure to make it available.  If you’re in Seattle stop by at any time.  We’re happy to talk to you!  If you’re out of the city but have a question or comment send it to us and let us know what you’re thinking.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, we work with transport companies so we can ship any of our vehicles to you.

One last thought – How did I meet Adam and Asael?  I have been wanting a Nissan Figaro since I first saw them in Vancouver, Canada (Canadians have a 15 year law where we have the 25 year regulation).  One day, I happened to look on eBay and found a Figaro.  Yeah, yeah, it has to be in New York or some place far away from me I thought.  What?  Seattle? Immediately I went down and took a look at at it.  What impressed me most about Adam and Asael was the the fact that they were honest guys and passionate about what they were doing.  We’ve all been to a dealership in the past where we felt uncomfortable and just wanted to get the car and then get out of there.  With Adam and Asael I felt comfortable and at ease from the very start.  Last year I suffered a concussion and have not been able to work due to constant headaches.  My neurologist suggested that I find a “hobby” – something I enjoyed but not a job.  I came back to Adam and Asael and asked if I could help them in their shop since I knew so much about Kei cars and so here I am – volunteering and truly enjoying my days.

So, again, I hope you’ll come and check out our site often, or, even better, come to our shop.  Even if you are saving up for your dream vehicle and can’t afford to buy today we want to meet you.  Oh, and if you live in Seattle, you’ll see us around town – we’re the ones driving right-hand drive vehicles with the big smile on our faces.


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