Honda Dream 50 - AC15

DOHC 4-stroke 50cc with gear-driven cams


Plus Sales Tax

1997 Honda Dream 50 (AC15-1007553) with 2,821 kilometers on the odometer. DOHC 4-stroke 50cc with gear-driven cams and upgraded Takegawa 65cc cylinder. Runs well.

Presently in Japan pending container shipping. Should Spring, 2023 – price includes WA title for street-use.


While not inexpensive when new, these were popular in Japan. In our buying trips we’ve seen examples with up to ~50k kilometers. That’s a pretty usable 50 and a testament to the solid design, high quality and serviceability.

More info:



Year: 1997
Make: Honda
Model: Dream 50R
Body Style: Motorcycle
Mileage: 1750
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Engine: 50cc DOHC
Exterior Color: Silver
Price: $7,000
Shipment: Incoming
VIN Number: AC15-1007553

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