1991 Kawasaki ZXR250 - 450 kilometers

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1991 Kawasaki ZXR250 – Japanese home market bike with a 250cc 4-cylinder w/18,500 RPM redline.

450 orig. kilometers. Modest wear to show for its 29 year age. Most paint / rubber / etc are pliable and serviceable. We’ve put A battery; fresh plugs; fresh fuel and a new fuel filter and put 10 km on it. Makes good power and suspension / brakes / etc work as they should. Tires have aged and must be replaced if one plans to put miles on it. No air filter installed.

Clear WA state title – ready to license.

Though this one's sold, contact us if you're interested. We may be able to locate another one for you.

Year: 1991
Make: Kawasaki
Model: ZXR250
Body Style: Motorcycle
Mileage: 443
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Engine: 250cc 4-cylinder
Exterior Color: Green
Shipment: In Stock
VIN Number: ZX250C-000963

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