1959 Citroën 2CV

425cc Trafficlutch
BaT Auction

1959 Citroën 2CV 469156.

Sold new in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Factory electronic windshield wipers and distinctive corrugated ‘ripple bonnet’ and suicide doors common to the early cars.

BaT auction live 12/01/2022


Powered by a 425cc air-cooled opposed-twin motor driving the front wheels through a 4-speed manual transmission and Trafficlutch – a centrifugal clutch that allows the driver to come to a stop while leaving the transmission in gear. When time you go, simply pull-away by pressing on the accelerator and the centrifugal clutch engages and away you go. Shifting into higher gears is done with the conventional floor-mounted clutch pedal.

2CV are known to be durable and easily serviced. With about 12hp on-tap (when new) I’ll get you up to around 80km/h. You’ll get there in style …at a leisurely pace.


Here is a fine synopsis of the 2CV experience. Similar specification car also with the centrifugal clutch.

Year: 1959
Make: Citroen
Model: 2CV
Body Style: Sedan
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Drivetrain: FWD
Engine: 400cc
Exterior Color: Grey
Interior Color: Red
Shipment: In Stock
VIN Number: 469156

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