1959 Citroën 2CV

425cc Trafficlutch


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1959 Citroën 2CV 469156 ripple-bonnet.

Gray over orange cloth and powered by a 425cc flat-twin paired with a four-speed manual transaxle. Equipment includes a burgundy soft top, electric windshield wipers, removable bench seats, a centrifugal clutch, and both electric and manual-crank starters.

The 425cc air-cooled opposed-twin motor drices the front wheels through a 4-speed manual transmission and Trafficlutch – a centrifugal clutch that allows the driver to come to a stop while leaving the transmission in gear. When time you go, simply pull-away by pressing on the accelerator and the centrifugal clutch engages and away you go. Shifting into higher gears is done with the conventional floor-mounted clutch pedal.

Cream-finished 400mm steel wheels have paint chips – and 135-series Michelin X tires were installed in 2019 but showing age-related cracking. They have good tread and hold air. The steering rack was rebuilt at that time, and the following components were replaced:

  • Front swingarms
  • Front bearings and seals
  • Adjustable steering links
  • Damper weights
  • Shock absorbers
  • Brake hoses

Jaeger instrumentation – ammeter above the steering column and a 105-km/h speedometer with suggested shift points that is mounted to the left side of the windshield frame. The five-digit odometer shows under 4,100 kilometers (~2,500 miles).

The air-cooled 425cc flat-twin features a single downdraft carburetor as well as both electric and manual-crank starters. The ignition points and condenser were replaced in 2019.

2CV are known to be durable and easily serviced. With about 12hp on-tap – It’s able to comfortably cruise at 50MPH – good for leisurely tours on secondary roads.


Though this one's sold, contact us if you're interested. We may be able to locate another one for you.

Year: 1959
Make: Citroen
Model: 2CV
Body Style: Sedan
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Drivetrain: FWD
Engine: 400cc
Exterior Color: Grey
Interior Color: Red
Shipment: In Stock
VIN Number: 469156

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