1990 Nissan S-Cargo


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1990 Nissan S-Cargo. One of the wonderfully crazy designs that came out of Nissan’s Pike Factory group in the late 1980’s. The S-Cargo has a charming retro style evoking the image o the Citroen 2CV and small delivery vans popular in Europe in the 1950-70’s. The S-Cargo name is a play on the french word for snail – Escargot. This car will bring a smile to your face. Could be useful for business-promotion or use it like intended – as a small business delivery van.

Showing 97,282 kilometers (~60k miles) and looks good. Some wear rust underneath in common areas. But good value for the money. Will share more info once we have it in-stock or Spring, 2019.

From the Nissan Heritage No.129 S-Cargo (1989 : G20) Commercial Vehicle

Overall length / width / height
Tread (front/rear)
Curb weight
E15S (4-cyl. in line, OHC), 1,487cc
Engine Max. power
54kW (73PS)/5,600rpm
Engine Max. torque
116Nm (11.8kgm)/3,200rpm
3-speed AT, console shift
Suspension (front/rear)
Strut / Trailing arm (independent)
Seating capacity / Max. load capacity
2 (4) / 300kg (200kg)

S-cargo(1989: G20)

The S-Cargo rolled out together with PAO in January 1989, got very popular for its snail-like styling. The name “S-Cargo” is coined by combining the French word “escargot” that means snail with a “cargo”. The luggage room was 1,230mm high and very useful, and the body sides were often used as advertising billboard.
The instrument panel was very unique; a table-like instrument panel with the big speedometer located in the center and the shift lever below the speedometer. The S-Cargo is the only commercial vehicle in the “Pike Car” series and is still very popular.

Year: 1990
Make: Nissan
Model: S-Cargo
Body Style: Wagon
Mileage: 60200
Transmission: Automatic
Drivetrain: FWD
Engine: 1.5 liter
Exterior Color: White
Price: $6,000
Shipment: Incoming
VIN Number: G20-009980

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