1980 Suzuki Jimny 4×4 Tin-Top – 2-Stroke

SJ10V 4x4 micro jeep - 550cc 2-stroke triple


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Th early Suzuki Jimny are an Icon from the 1960’s to 80’s – classic utility and an efficient 4×4 with a 2-stroke 3-cylinder 550cc engine. Starts right up and drives down the road very well. This unit has been modified leather covering much of the inside and silicon on the exterior but solid underneath with only minimal rust near the front fender-mirrors.

Drives well down the road and high/low-range transfer-case shifts easily. Neat vintage JDM rig that’s use able as it or easy restoration.


More info from Wikipedia – SJ10 – The history of Suzuki four-wheel-drive cars dates to 1968. Suzuki bought former Japanese automaker Hope Motor Company which had introduced fifteen small off-road vehicles called the HopeStar ON360. The first Suzuki-branded 4-wheel drive, the LJ10 (Light Jeep 10), was introduced in 1970. The LJ10 had a 359 cc air-cooled, two-stroke, in-line two-cylinder engine. The liquid-cooled LJ20 was introduced in 1972 with the cooling changed due to newly enacted emission regulations, and it gained 3 hp. In 1975, Suzuki complemented the LJ20 with the LJ50, which had a larger 539 cc, two-stroke, in-line three-cylinder engine and bigger differentials.


The compact off-road capable Suzuki Jimny was Suzuki’s first global success, lending it name recognition and a foothold in markets worldwide. The Jimny slotted into a hitherto unfilled gap in the market.


The LJ50 engine was first introduced in September 1975 for export only, with 33 PS (24 kW). For the home market, it first appeared in June 1976 as the Jimny 55 and reflected the changing kei car rules and stricter emissions standards. The 539 cc (32.9 cu in) three-cylinder engine remained a two-stroke; while power was reduced to 26 PS (19 kW) more low-end torque was on offer. The 635 kg (1,400 lb) vehicle could now hit 60 mph (97 km/h), and the spare tire was relocated outside the rear door, allowing for a fourth seat. The SJ10 Jimny originally used the “LJ50” name in most export markets; t

Year: 1980
Make: Suzuki
Model: Jimny
Body Style: SUV
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Drivetrain: 4X4
Engine: 550cc
Exterior Color: Green
Price: $5,500
Shipment: In Stock
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