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1989 Mitsubishi Delica Chamonix 4WD 5-speed with just 167k kilometers / 103k miles. Delicas are like a modern and reliable Vanagon – great size for family, friends and gear and still small enough easily park in the city.

Shipping out of Japan late-June and ready early July. Will update based on our inspection – ready for 4-season travels.

1992 Skyline GTS-T – Drift King Special. RB20DET and 5-speed – Skyline cred. at a Silvia price.

Late June or early July. Available for pre-purchase (Offer of First Refusal) for 50% down.




Nice Honda Acty truck. 660cc motor, 5-speed, good heater and 350kg payload. Just 69k kilometers. Looking forward to having this one in Seattle.

Sailing on Tysla FF820 for arrival in Seattle late July.

Nice looking Toyota TownAce Wagon 5-speed 2WD with the smooth and rugged 3Y-EU gasoline engine. Only 44k kilometers and reported to be original mileage.

Sailing on Dream Angel for arrival in Seattle later 1/2 of July.

Subaru Sambar Dias – 2WD 5-speed with only 121k kilometers. Preparing for shipment mid-July.

Subaru Vivio T-Top with charming retro body-kit.

September, 1993 build so due Autumn, 2018

Nissan S13 Silvia K’s – stock condition with 182k kilometers / 112k miles. A few paint flaws and interior wear but with it’s SR20DET and 5-speed – this is a great starting point for your dream car.

Sailing on Tysla FF820 for arrival in Seattle late July.




While everyone knows the R32 GT-R – the Skyline nameplate is found across a range of coupes, sedans and wagons.

This Nissan Skyline GTS-4 coupe is a nice build with the RB20DET turbo I6, and 4WD and 5-speed manual.  From Tokyo and in unmolested condition reporting 80k kilometers (unverified). A lot of fun for not a lot of money.

Sailing on Dream Angel for arrival late July.

Honda NS250R MC11 time-capsule in near-mint condition with just ~1150 kilometers. Well stored – tires look good and starts right up and runs like it should.

Focusing on what brings this down from perfection – one mark on left lower fairing, small distortion on left silencer and some signs of corrosion on the upper surface of the fuel-filler door. Other than that, this is a 34 year old motorcycle that looks close to showroom condition.


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