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1990 Nissan Atlas double-cab

low-mile fire service vehicle with pump

Nissan Atlas double-cab fire-truck with under 6460 original kilometers. 1.6 liter gasoline motor, 4-speed. Comfortable up to about 65 MPH.

This truck comes with fire service equipment and pump. Lots of utility with 6-passenger seating and 1-ton capacity in compact package.

Nice looking Toyota LiteAce GXL Wagon 2WD with A/T and the 2CT turbo-diesel engine. With only 100k kilometers!

Sailing on TYSLA FF820
 for arrival late July.

Interesting Citroen XM Break (wagon). I’e checked this out in Nagoya and it’s in pretty good condition overall. Suspension raises and lowers as it should and drives down the road well.

Issues: deep scratch on the center of the hood; one rear hatch strut mount is damaged and AC doesn’t blow cold.

Sailing on Tysla FF820 for arrival in Seattle late July.


1991 Nissan Pulsar  GTiR. Neat car with bubble flares, Ganador style mirrors and TOM’S racing wheels with chunky rally tires.

We’ve inspected in-person in Japan and driven. Looks pretty good overall but minor damage in the L/R 1/4 panel and some cracks in the bumper and stressing in the flares… Fun car for a fair price.

Shipping out of Nagoya late July.




Classic London Taxi – unusual to be available with Left Hand Drive and reported to have 2.3 liter gasoline motor. 8k kilometers showing on the odometer. Some age from sitting – split cloth in seat bottom and surface corrosion on rear hatch and faded paint, but neat car for your business or ??

Sailing on Tysla FF820 for arrival in Seattle late July.

Classic Austin / Rover Mini 1000 with Left Hand Drive. Average condition with only 84k kilometers / 52k miles.


1984 Honda City Turbo 2. We’ve had a number of the City cabriolets and appreciate the useable size and stylish design elements. This HCT2 is reported to run rough and have some isolated rust but will document better and firm up the pricing (est. $7-9k) once we have in-hand.

Sailing on Tysla FF820 for arrival in Seattle late July.

1993 Mitsubishi Delica 4WD A/T with 175k kilometers / 108k miles.

October, 1993 production so will ship out of Japan late-September for arrival early October.

1993 Mitsubishi Delica 4WD A/T with only 80k kilometers / 50k miles. A couple scratches, but these are great utility and travel vehicles.

Shipping out of Japan late-June for arrival early July.

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