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Mazda / Autozam AZ1 – red with very low miles. Will share more when this arrives late March, 2018.

1991 Lancia Delta HF Integrale with just 68k kilometers showing on the odometer. Nice interior with perforated leather. Will report more when this arrives late March.

Interesting what shows up at the auctions in Japan. Here we have a 1991 Camaro that appears to have been sold there new – done up in Pursuit livery. Decoding the VIN, this has a 305 non-TPI engine so not a normal build for pursuit, but will know more when we have this in-hand late March.

1990 Mini Mayfair – LHD

French Spec Mayfair 1000

Classic Austin / Rover Mini 1000 Mayfair – built for the French market. Unused for some time but complete and in pretty solid condition. Shows just 84k kilometers on the odometer.

Due Spring, 2018 and will share more at that time.

1993 Lancia Thema 2.0 turbo.

Rover Mini with just 61k kilometers showing on the odometer. Due in late March and will share more at that time.

1993 Toyota MR2 G-Limited

SW20 2-liter NA 5-speed

1993 MR2 SW20 – nice shape inside and out and simple build with the 2.0 liter N/A 3S-GE, 5-speed manual transmission and hardtop body. Due late March, 2018.

1991 Suzuki Every kei-van 4WD with 660cc turbocharged and intercooled 3-cylinder engine.

Scheduled on the TYSLA”V.FF805 departing Yokohama FEB 25, 2018

1992 Fiat Panda 4×4

Steyr Puch 4x4 Panda

Fiat Panda with 4WD system designed and engineered at Steyr-Puch in Austria. Well known for engineering and building the Mercedes Gwagen; VW Iltis and the VW Vanagon Sycro as well as the legendary Pinzgauer. As well as specialized 4WD systems for many other interesting vehicles.

Pandas are capable off-road and also efficient & reliable. This one is straight and in pretty average condition. Interesting and fun vehicle for a fair price.

More info from AWDWiki- Panda 4×4 – Part-time all wheel drive. Rear axle engaged manually by the driver using the lever located between the seat.

The Panda 4×4 was launched in June 1983, it was powered by a 965 cc engine with 48 bhp (36 kW) derived from that in the Autobianchi A112. Known simply as the Panda 4×4, this model was the first small, transverse-engined production car to have a 4WD system. The system itself was manually selectable, with an ultra-low first gear. [...]

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