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Classic Austin / Rover Mini 1000 with automatic transmission. Shows just 42k kilometers on the odometer.

Arrived 06/16/2018 on Greenwich Bridge – will be in-hand approx 06/22/2018

Really neat Toyota Corona Mark II Coupe Utility (pickup / ute). Similar in size to the Datsun Sunny – with that old school Toyota utilitarian charm – now that’s a parts runner!


Here is a historical listing for this vehicle –

1994 Rover Mini 1300 Monte Carlo

limited edition - one of 200

Classic Austin / Rover Mini 1300 with only 70k kilometers. Japanese version of the Monte Carlo and with the distinctive Monte Carlo interior (red carpets, seats, door panels, etc.) but different details unique to this market as noted in the thread below.

  • Chassis: SAXXNNAYCBD096706
  • Engine: 12A2DJ33 308829
  • Paint code RCR (British Racing Green / White Diamond) and engine code differs from online guidance.


From an online forum, ‘… 200 limited edition models ever build worldwide <snip> The ‘Monte Carlo’ Edition Mini Cooper was built in 1994 as a tribute to Paddy Hopkirk’s Monte Carlo Rally victory thirty years earlier in 1964. It was fitted with special alloy wheels. four spot front headlamps. and a red and cream themed interior reminiscent of the 60’s brocade interior


Neat Toyota diesel 4×4 with only 60,124 kilometers (37k miles) on the odometer – reported to be original. Looks good inside and out – especially for a 30-year old vehicle!

the Blizzard range is like an 85% scale version of the FJ40 / BJ70. Uses the 2.4 liter 2L diesel motor mated to the 5-speed shared with the Hilux.

Rugged rig perfect for NW off-roading. Will arrive late July.

1997 Nissan Skyline R33 GTR V Specification. Nice shape – condition 3.5 car with no accident damage and understated silver paint and minimal modifications. 191k kilometers on the odometer.

Available for Canadian customer. Or the 1997 Skyline is EPA exempt and on the NHTSA Eligibility List for importation through a registered importer (NHTSA-2005- with a Registered Importer for USA federalization.  the eligibility list (NHTSA-2005-22654) for USA import, we are happy to assist with bringing this into compliance through a Registered Importer.




Classic Austin / Rover Mini 1000 with only 55k kilometers showing on the  odometer. Not a lot to report otherwise, but will share more when this arrives in July.

Classic Austin / Rover Mini 1000. Unused for some time but only 38k showing on the odometer.

Will share more after we receive and inspect in July.

Classic Austin / Rover Mini 1000 with Left Hand Drive and automatic transmission. Classic styling with roof rack, flares and minilites and only 71k kilometers / 44k miles on the odometer.

Will share more after we have this in-hand in July.

Nice Suzuki Carry 4WD fire-truck with just 31k kilometers / 19k miles. Will ship out June for arrival ~July.

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