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  • August 9, 2018
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  • Comments Off on Caterham S3 Super 7 – Kent 1600 – 11,702 kilometers

Caterham S3 Super 7 with Brooklands windscreens and just 11,702 km from new. Fitted with a Kent crossflow equipped with twin Weber 40 DCOE carburetors.

Only 11,702 kilometers from new and in very nice condition inside and out. Will join a couple other :otus 7 we’ve brought in this year and sure to be be a lot of fun for it’s new owner.

  • Caterham History
  • Wikipedia Caterham_7

Interesting vintage Honda 2WD with automatic transmission and reported to be 10,978 original kilometers – under 7k miles!

Well graded at auction – report of a dent on the roof we’ll have to se once it arrives, but certainly in remarkable shape inside and out – especially for a 34 year old vehicle!



1991 Toyota MR2

SW20 2-liter NA 5-speed

Fantastic JDM 1991 MR2 SW20 hardtop. Lots of performance in a very pretty package. Car has 180k kilometers (111k miles).

Will share more when in-hand late September.

We love hot hatchbacks and we love classic French cars. The Renault Super 5 GTE (Gordini?) ‘Supercinq’ looks very similar to the R5 Alpine and 5 Gordini turbos – as well as the R5GT Turbo’s we’ve brougt in from JAPAN. All follow a trusted formula – deliver high performance from minimal inputs.

We are unsure if this came from the Dieppe factory that Alpine and Turbo models came from – but will share more once we have it in-hand late-September.


From Wikipedia – A “hot hatch” version, the GT Turbo, was introduced in 1985. It used a modified four cylinder, eight-valve Cléon 1397 cc engine, a pushrod unit dating back to the 1962 original (in 1108 cc form). It was turbocharged with an air-cooled Garrett T2 turbocharger. Weighing a mere 850 kg (1,874 lb), and producing 115 PS (85 kW; 113 hp), the GT Turbo had an excellent power-to-weight ratio, permitting it to accelerate from a standstill to 60 mph (97 km/h) in [...]

Very interesting Suzuki Cervo sport coupe with only 73072 kilometers. Good shape overall with only a smal rust-patch on rear hatch; wear on driver’s seat and top of rear seat. Efficient motoring!



1986 Nissan Silvia S12 RS-X / RS-R MkII

MkII version - similar to S12 Gazelle

1986 Nissan Silvia (Gazelle) RS-R, with only 58,015 kilometers. This appears to have chassis code RBS12HFT which is the 2nd generation RS-X with the CA18DET – successor to the original FJ20DET powered Silvia RS-X. Both worthy successors to the famous 240RS Group B homologation special. Information is somewhat scarce on these cars – would be a great addition for your historic Nissan collection.

We’ll ship out of Nagoya for mid-September arrival in Seattle. Give us a call or drop us a line for more info or to secure this noteworthy piece if Nissan history!

Open to offers prior to arrival.

Cute Mitsubishi Minicab firetruck with just 4,187 kilometers. Street legal and able to travel up to ~55 MPH. Would be great for cabin, small farm, or just to use as an efficient and fun commuter.

Will ship out of Japan later 1/2 of August and should have in-hand here in Seattle early September. Will update more at that time.

We’ll probably retail this for ~$6000 but if you’re interested in pre-purchase, we’re happy to firm up the pricing.

Nice and simple Mitsubishi Minicab SDX 4×4 kei-truck with just 19,729 kilometers.

These Mitsubishi trucks are probably the most utilitarian of the small  Japanese pickups. 660cc motor, 4-speed, and 4×4 with high/low range. With it’s 350kg payload and heater, this is a great alternative to a UTV like the Kawasaki Mule or Kubota RTV. Great for cabin, small farm, industrial yard, or as an urban hauler.

Will ship out of Japan the later 1/2 of August so should have in-hand early September.


Classic Rover Mini 1300 35th Anniversary limited edition with only 70,021 kilometers. Will import to Canada and available for International sale from storage in Richmond, BC.

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